Parents Representatives

Parents Representatives:

All our parent reps are volunteer: Each team will have a volunteer representative who serves as the liaison between the coach and the parents.

Listed below are the responsibilities for the Parent Rep. If you are interested in serving as the parent rep for your daughter's team, please let your coach know.


  1. Acts as a liaison between the coach and the player's parents.
  2. Communicates regularly with the coach and informs the team of practice, tournament schedule changes and any other information that need to be disseminated to the team.
  3. Prepares a team roster for all parents with names of players and parents, text, phone numbers, school affiliations and any other pertinent information.
  4. Snack and food . Assists in making travel arrangements for overnight tournaments.
  5. Assists coach in distributing tournament information to team.
  6. Coordinates hotel accommodations with other parent reps traveling to the same tournaments.
  7. Often times a parent rep will ask another parent to assist with making hotel arrangements.
  8. If volunteers are needed for locally hosted tournaments, the parent rep will help recruit parents from their team to assist.
  9. The parent rep. is not an assistant coach and is not involved in any coaching decisions regarding line-ups, playing time, etc.

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