RVC Summer Camps 2020

Due to From Carolina Region Jr Club Director and Covid-19 CDC_Coronavirus Concerns

We are still monbitor the situation!!!

  1. Foot Work, Setting, Passing, Hitting, Defense, Offense,
    Jump Serve. Blocking, Fun Team Games.

  2. Jump Training: Our Goal Is To Help You Jump 1-4 Inches Higher 
    (Level 2 And Level 3 Only)

  3. Plyometrics / Jump Training:

    1. Improve Your Ball Control (Passing, Digging) By Developing Better Balance And Postural Stability
    2. Increase Your Vertical Jump To Attack And Block At A Higher Point
    3. Get To More Balls On Defense With Greater Lateral Speed
    4. Improve Your Reaction And Response Time
    5. Play More Physical On The Net With Increased Strength And Body Control
    6. Increase The Velocity Of Your Serve And Spike By Gaining More Power Through Your Core And Hips
    7. Reduce The Risk Of Overuse Injuries To The Knee, Back, And Shoulder By Increasing The Stability And Flexibility Of Those Areas
    8. Reduce The Risk Of ACL Injuries Through Increased Strength And Body Control
    9. Play The Match Point As Explosively As The First Point By Improving Your Cardiovascular And Muscular Endurance

North Raleigh Christian Academy - 7300 Perry Creek Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616
High School Gym


Level Volleyball Camps Time:

Fee/USAV Members

Not-USAV Member
Add One Event Fee Register $10

RVC Player

1 5:00-6:00 PM - Age 7-14 Beginners Level $65 Free
2 6:00-7:30 PM - Age 12-15 Intermediate $85 Free
3 7:00- 9:00 PM - Age 13-18 - Advanced $90 Free







Step By Step Registration:

**RVC players - No registration needed.

Register Player / Parents Information - Click Here - Must Enter The Corrected Data 

($10 More If You Did Not Enter Player / Parents Information)

USAV Membership Is Required : For Insurance Purpose. RVC Players That Had USAV Membership Can Jump To # 4.

RVC Waive online or Print Waiver- Sign And Bring A Copy
4 Pay For The Camps Here: Click Here To Payment Area
    1. Bring Your Paid Summer Camp Fee Receipt.
    2. USAV Membership Card,
    3. RVC Waive - Sign And Bring A Copy
  * Practices Are Closed To Parents - The Purpose For Closed Practices Is To Create A Productive Environment Free From As Many Distractions As Possible. In Addition The Insurance Coverage For The Practices Only Covers Club Players.