About Us

We are a group of experience coaches with college, high school and 20+ years of club coaching experiences, (Regional to National level) we monitor players weekly to ensure each player's development and their volleyball fundamentals.

Club Mission:

At the Raleigh Volleyball Club we take pride in building character, integrity, teamwork, sportsmanship, and better volleyball players. Through verbal, visual, and practice demonstrations we educate players on the importance of mastering the fundamentals of volleyball. Players will learn under hand pass, overhand pass, set, attack, offense keys, defensive keys, and team offense and defense.

We utilize small group stations, drill work, discussions, games, and a variety of contests, to help players reach their potential. Our expectations for each player is to work hard, maintain a positive attitude, and have fun learning.

Players will be rewarded for their hard work and efforts in a multitude of ways such as leading and directing drills, scrimmaging and free time to work on their favorite drills.

We also encourage players to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas to help create a better overall experience.

Positive encouragement is consistently communicated and delivered to all players as they progress through the club.

We know that each player is here to learn and improve and our coaches and assistants are dedicated to making that happen.

Here are a few steps that we take toward helping each player build toward their goals:

Communicate and teach- we know that knowledge is power and the more knowledgeable you are about something the easier it is to understand the reason for it. So when we give instructions on the move or teach drills, we provide the context on why it is important to do, how it will impact their game, and how to implement to gain an advantage.

Demonstrate and execute- after verbally educating players on the move or teach a drill we then demonstrate how to execute and make it effective in their game. ·

Replicate and develop – Experience shows that practice develops consistency. Once we demonstrate a move, drill, or lesson we then have each player replicate and practice what was demonstrated to them. Our goal is to make sure that each player learns how to perform and execute what was shown to them, and through hard work and practice they will develop the consistency needed become a better player.

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Motivate and drive- Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. By utilizing positive and consistent reinforcement, structured feedback, real-time lessons, and other techniques we keep players motivated and excited about learning and improving. Most importantly, they have to want to improve! To maximize opportunities and ensure growth we look to analyze strengths and opportunities during the first 3 week of our sessions.

Players will go through an assessment practice in which we will evaluate strengths as well as have them set goals for themselves.

Goal setting is an important step. When a player sets a goal they tend to push themselves toward achieving and exceeding their expectations. As the old quote goes “Good better best, your never good until you’re better at being your best.” When you work hard and set goals for yourself you come to find out how true that quote is.

Our mission is to help youth volleyball players learn and understand the fundamentals of the game and what it takes to become leaders on and off the court. By promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, leadership, integrity, goal setting, and a strong work ethic we will help each player grow. Sports is a mirror image of life. In order to be successful you have to learn what you don’t know, implement and execute what you’have learned, and work hard to develop confidence and consistency to do whatever you set out to do. These are just some of the building blocks and philosophies on which we stand.